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پروتکل GVRP

GVRP مخفف GARP VLAN Registration Protocol یا Generic VLAN Registration Protocol

 می باشد و برای مدیریت راحت تر vlan ها در شبکه های بزرگ هستش.این پروتکل به 

صورت کامل با پروتکل 802.1q تطابق داره و به device ها اجازه میده تا به راحتی با هم

 اطلاعات را رد وبدل کنند. 


GARP VLAN Registration Protocol 

Generic VLAN Registration Protocol

RP (GARGP VLAN Registration Protocol or Generic VLAN Registration

 Protocol) is a protocol that facilitates control of virtual local area

 networks (VLANs) within a larger network . GVRP conforms to

 the IEEE 802.1Q specification, which defines a method of

 tagging frames with VLAN configuration data. This allows network

 devices to dynamically exchange VLAN configuration information with

.other device

GVRP is based on GARP (Generic Attribute Registration Protocol), a protocol that defines procedures by which end stations and switches in a local area network (LAN) can register and 
de-register attributes, such as identifiers or addresses, with each other. Every end station and switch thus has a current record of all the other end stations and switches that can be reached. GVRP, like GARP, eliminates unnecessary network traffic by preventing attempts to transmit information to unregistered users. In addition, it is necessary to manually configure only one switch and all the other switches will be configured 

Understanding GVRP

GVRP enables VLAN Bridges to dynamically learn their VLAN membership. It is sufficient that an administrator configures the minimum VLAN configuration

: at a bridge. This configuration must ensure that

Required VLANs are enabled at the bridge level *

Member ports are added as either tagged or untagged *

 members based on the confirmed reachability of VLAN *

 aware/un-aware devices *

GVRP is enabled/disabled *

Dynamic VLAN registration is enabled/disabled by processing the

 received GVRP messages

Figure 2 illustrates the GVRP exchanges and Table 2 provides the dynamic VLAN registrations at the VLAN network bridges shown in Figure 2 from Part 1. Note, the timescale used to indicate the GVRP messages has been drawn to explain the PDU exchanges. Additionally note that some GVRP implementations might be different from the given illustration


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